PCIe Riser Adapter Card for GPU Mining - 6 Pack
PCIe X1 to X16 powered riser card with an additional SATA/Molex/4-Pin PCIe power connector which is perfect for GPU mining systems.
product code: AK-CBPW26-KT06
ATX 24P Male to Dual ATX 24P Female - 2 Pack
Easily connect two Power Supply Units (PSU) to your system to supply more power to your ATX motherboard system without upgrading your existing PSU. Heavy duty 18 AWG. 300mm length
product code: AK-CBPW25-KT02
PCIe 8-Pin to Dual PCIe (6+2)-Pin Splitter Cable - 6 Pack
Easily add dual (6+2)-pin male ports to your existing Power Supply Unit (PSU) without upgrading your existing PSU. Perfect for common graphics cards requiring dual PCIe 8-pin power. Heavy duty 18 AWG. 6-pack.
product code: AK-CBPW24-KT06