140mm Strong Magnetic PC Fan Filter

• Ultra Fine Mesh Cover
• Magnetic Frame Design
• Easy clean
• Pack of three

Ultra Fine Mesh Cover

Experience unparalleled dust protection without compromising airflow with the high quality nylon mesh material.

Magnetic Frame Design

Effortlessly attach and reposition with the fan filter's magnetic frame design, ensuring a secure fit every time. Can be fitted to power supply unit and small form factor set ups. Screw holes ready for non-metallic cases.

Easy Clean

Quickly and effortlessly clean the fan filter with its straightforward "Easy Clean" design aided by the magnectic frame.

Pack Of Three

Choose your preferred pack of 3, available in either 120mm or 140mm sizes.

Fan Size Application 140mm
Thickness 1.5mm
Colour Black
Material Plastic, Nylon Mesh, Magnet
Quantity 3 pack
Product Code GRM14-M01-BKT3
Product Sheet

- 2023-12-06