Chipset Cooling Kit
Universal cooling kit for entry level systems
Product Code: AK-VCX-01
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This cooling kit is designed to provide everything you need to ensure stable and efficient operation of your PC. It is a perfect replacement for failing or noisy VGA and motherboards stock coolers. It will also effectively cool motherboard chipsets not equipped with coolers as standard.

Two passive and one active cooler for VGA (up to Radeon 9200Pro, GeForce 4MX), Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets are included. A dual mounting system is supplied, pushpins or thermal adhesive tapes, you choose which is appropriate for you PC. One 1.5g Syringe of hi-grade thermal compound is included.

Cools GPU and motherboard
Compatible with legacy ATI & NVIDIA VGA cards 
Easy tool-free installation
2 passive heatsinks with thermal adhesive tape pre-applied
1 active heatsink with dual-mounting (pushpins or thermal tape)
Lo-noise fan with standard 3pin motherboard connector
Thermal compound included