Right Angle USB-C 100W PD Charging Cable

• Efficient and convenient design
• 100W fast charging
• Durable cable and stylish aluminium housing
• Intelligent E-Marker chip

Efficient and Convenient Design

Optimise your charging experience with 90-degree right-angle design. Ensuring convenience and tangle-free usage, but also prolonging the cable life.

100W Fast Charging

Empower your devices with rapid and efficient 100W charging capabilities. Ensuring you stay charged up and ready to go at all times.

Durable Cable and Aluminium Housing

Featuring durable cable braiding that provides both enhanced strength and a stylish look, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting charging solution. Coupled with premium aluminium housing.

Intelligent E-Marker Chip

Smart E-marker chip ensures that all your devices stay protected against short-circuiting, over-charging and more. Whilst delivering the highest rate of charging.

Length 1M
Connector USB Type-C
USB Type-C (Right angled)
Material Aluminium Housing
Data Transfer Rate 240Mbps (USB2.0)
Power Delivery 100W (20V/5A)
Product Code AK-CBUB68-10BK
Product Sheet

- 2023-12-06