Gem Pro
Silver case with striking gem-like design on top. Included thermal kit cools Raspberry Pi 4. Full I/O opening support.
Product Code: A-RA09-M2S
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for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Hi-performance Thermal Kit
Customised thermal kit with heatsink top cover conducts heat away
GPU and USB 3.0 chipset.

Thermal kit :
Thermal pads / Aluminum blocks
Optimal thermal performance
All aluminium body is sturdy & provides efficient heat
disspiation ensures the system runs optimally, even
under heavy workload.
Gem-like forged
aluminium case
design looks great
in any environment
Dual micro HDMI openings support dual displays
Easy access to external connectors.
Full I/0 support including GPIO,
microSD, Ethernet, USB, camera
and display connectors