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This distinctive PC case is designed to provide exceptional cooling, impressive appearance and user-friendly features combined to create a world-class case. Keeping computer hardware cool is crucial for system stability therefore every element of the case has been engineered to provide maximum cooling performance. CPU, GPU, memory, VRM’s, chipsets and PSU all demand cool air. The aluminum front panel allows unrestricted airflow, 10 of the bay panels are full width mesh. Two 12cm intake fans can locate in any position on the front panel to direct cool air towards the hottest system components. The 12cm exhaust fan expels hot air from the case but if you think three fans are not enough than check out the infiniti top panel. A large mesh window prevents heat build-up and is able to accommodate two additional 12cm fans. With up to five 12cm fans even the most demanding systems will stay cool.

The outstanding infiniti design delivers supreme thermal performance. The power button is mounted on a I/O panel with blue LED activity indicators and hinged cover, this panel can be placed in any of the eleven bays, you choose. The Aluminium front panel and smooth black finish gives this case an edge.

11 universal 5.25” bays and modular design ensures ease of use. Two cages with direct cooling and tool free mounting for 3xHDD each provide massive storage capabilities. Anti-vibration HDD mountings and ultra quiet fans ensure silent operation while washable dust filters on intake fans help to keep the system clean. Retractable feet give extra stability. Spacious design enables installation of internal water-cooling radiators on the top panel. Pre-drilled chassis holes with rubber grommets for feeding the external watercooling pipes are also provided.

Aluminium front panel with full height mesh ventilation
My way - Modular front panel design enables you to choose I/O position
More cooling - Mesh window for 2 fans and a location for watercooling radiator
Quiet HDD - anti vibration tool free HDD mounting
Dust free - washable intake fans filters eliminates dust build up
Spacious case design with easy access from both sides