Combining the power of a PSU molex connection with the versatility of a PWM motherboard connection for the very first time the Akasa AK-CB002 is a unique product furthering the cause of quiet efficient computing.

Supporting three PWM fans from a single motherboard header makes this the ultimate fan splitter for today’s low noise performance systems. Case fans and watercooling radiator fans can now benefit from smart and precise PWM control alongside the CPU fan. Utilising the intelligence of PWM for three fans enables multi fan connection and usage of more powerful fans while allowing their speed to be synchronized with CPU load. RPM feedback for the motherboard is provided from a connector marked CPU fan. 

Combined with akasa Smart&Cool series fans (PWM enabled) it is a smart and easy solution for building quiet performance systems.

Simple solution for quiet and smart fan control
Synchronizes three PWM fans with PC CPU usage
All connectors labelled for easy connection

Application 3 PWM fans from single PWM header
Designed for 4pin PWM fans
Cable length 30cm
PSU connector 4pin Molex
Fan connector 3x 4pin PWM (one with RPM feedback for motherboard)
Product code AK-CB002

26 AWG

That is exactly what the cable has been designed for.